Damien mcfarland's world of texture

This is a gallery that is based mostly of highly texturized works. All of the designs represent the way that we can see art and somewhat feel like we can reach out and touch it, and we can be able to feel all of the lines and creases in the work.

This image shows a lot of different types of flowers all put together. I feel that I can reach and feel all of the pedals on all of the flowers, and I get the impression that they are real.
This image is a picture of an old wall that seems to have corroded and is starting to fall apart. All of the cracks and jagged edges where the paint has come off gives the feeling of old age.
This is an image of a pistol that is made out of strings. It looks like a real, pistol, and I feel like I can grasp it and pull the trigger.
This a skeleton made out of many strings with tongues on the end of them. I feel that I can touch the wet tongues on the ends of the strings.
This is another model car made out of strings. This unique picture has a sort of whimsical style car that is also made up of shoestrings of several different colors.
This is a Chinese style work of art. The way that the designs on it curve and stick out makes it fashionable to me. I caught myself slowly moving my eyes along the whole piece, analyzing each curve.
This is a drawing of many books that are stacked on top of each other. I can see the tiny details of the pages of each book, and they seem to be covered with grass and twigs.
This is a picture of a Buddhist statue that is made up of what seems to be made up of many small vines with thorns. The thorns give it a very rough texture that can cut you if you touch it.
This is a picture of a jar that seems to be a quarter of the way filled with water. The picture seems to be sewn together and I can feel the contents of the jar.
This is a picture of the moon. The moon seems to be made up of tiny strings that band together to make a bigger object. The image looks and feels as if it would be fuzzy.
Credits: All media
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