A Looking Glass of History and Revolution

For the Mosaics II Final Project, an interpretation of the books we have read, and how modern day music and culture relate to and affect understanding of the pieces. 

The Ancient Greeks used to depict stories on vases as a way to celebrate their histories. Much like the vases, Herodotus' oral histories are meant to preserve the cultures and stories of ancient times
If Mary Wollstonecraft paved the way for feminism, Athena paved the way for women in the West. Although not a real historical figure, her importance in Greek myth supports the power of women.
The greatness of Working comes from its simplicity in depicting the lives of the working class, which Cariplo emulates in his work as well.
The sewing machine is a ubiquitous object that represents a lot of things, but in terms of the working class, represents sweat shops and the struggles of the labor force, which Marx talked about.
What's more representative of Nature than trees, which give back to the world as much as they take, completing the circle of life, which hold supernatural meanings in several religions.
Morality is a complex mechanism of Philosophy and Self-Reflection, and Picasso always manages to represent the complexity of Life in his works, and how abstract reality actually is.
One of my favorite novels, The Book Thief, is set during World War II, and uses the imagery of colors to evoke feelings and emotions in its writing, a concept Hinder captures in his piece as well.
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