Christ During the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a time with a great abundance of art depicting Jesus Christ and a host of other biblical themes. In this Gallery there is a focus on a number of artists depicting different crucial events in the life of Christ from his birth to his death and beyond.

This piece of art depicts the Nativity scene of Christ’s birth. It shows Mary kneeling in adoration while angels and shepherds are also seen worshiping in reverence. The simple shed reminding viewers of Christ’s humble beginnings.
This piece of art depicts the Gospel account in Luke 24 of two women coming to Christ’s tomb shown in the background while two angels are holding him up after his resurrection.
This piece of art depicts the central mystery of the Christian faith: the incarnation, when Christ––fully human and fully divine––was sent to earth to redeem humankind. The light coming from his head signals his divinity and Christian compassion is shown by his wounds of suffering on his hand and chest. The withered tree with a lone bird stands for the Old Covenant out of which the New Covenant would grow the pair of rabbits reflect regeneration and the shepherd is symbolic of Christ as the Good Shepard.
This piece of art depicts Christ raising Lazarus from the grave. It shows a crowd along with Jesus and Mary and Martha on the left side with Lazarus emerging from his tomb on the right side. It also evokes a sense of coming out of darkness into light with the crowd and background being bright colors while Lazarus and his tomb are darker and he is leaving the dark and stepping into the light.
This piece of art shows Jesus washing the feet of the disciples before the last supper. It reflects him humbling himself and serving not being served. There is a glow around his head, which to me indicates his divinity. It also places emphasis on Peter as the one being washed with the others around in the background.
This piece of art depicts a passage from the Gospel of Luke where two of disciples met the resurrected Christ on the road on the way to Emmaus and did not recognize him. Again the painting shows a glow around Christ’s head indicating divinity. It also shows a common theme in art of the time depicting a table and dinner with a lot of movement around it from the guests.
This piece of art depicts Jesus raising up out of a tomb. It draws your eyes up again to show a glowing around his head indicating his divine nature. It also brings attention to the landscape in the background.
This piece of art depicts the crucifixion of Christ on the cross and shows and emphasis also on Mary the mother of Jesus and on the disciple John who witnessed the crucifixion. It also conveys their sorrow.
This piece of art depicts the time after Jesus had crucified but before his burial when Joseph of Arimathea and some of Jesus followers took him to be buried. It shows Joseph with the crown in his hands while others are tightly compacted around him in devotion and sorrow. You can see the emotion on the faces.
This piece of art depicts the transfiguration of Christ on a hilltop and shows him with Moses and Elijah and shows the disciples Peter, James and John in awe as the look on. It captures the astonishment with them lying on the ground overwhelmed.
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