angelic night MFJS2202

A story line of photos depicting the night Jesus was born.

It was a starry night...... The Van Gogh painting featured here shows how a night sky and lights from the bridge are being reflected in the water. The texture of the paint Van Gogh used has given a great depth to the picture and the way the background can be interpreted.
An angel by the name of Gabriel came to announce to Mary she was going to have a baby... She would be known as The Virgin Mary. The picture in which Dias has the Archangel Gabriel coming down to Mary and explaining to her that she will have a baby. while baby angels are looking down over Gabriel and Mary. If you zoom in you can tell this is not a picture of the original as the picture is pixelated.
Mary gives birth to Jesus.
Three Kings follow the North Star to meet the new found king. Van Gogh uses a nice mixture of blue white yellow and green to depict a windy starry night. I love the way Van Gogh used curved lines to create movement with in the painting.
Credits: All media
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