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Wine was a very popular drink with the Egyptians. This wine set includes a jug, a spoon, and a bowl. Not only was wine a simple drink, but it was also used in rituals and medicine.
A scarab. Scarabs are insects that have the habit of rolling dung. Egyptians compared the way they rolled their dung ball to the sun rolling across the sky. This caused them to think of Scarabs as sacred. May have been used as a charm or in jewelry.
The head of an unknown pharaoh. It was probably from a sculpture that has since been destroyed or collapsed.
This is a mirror used to look at yourself. This could have been used by men an women alike.
This is a knife used for rituals. It may have been used for sacrificial purposes or just as a prop.
This is an amulet used for decoration, jewelry, or as a charm. It could be put in jewelry, clothes, accessories, or be used in charms.
This is the head of Hatshepsut, or maybe even Thutmose |||. This may have been used in a statue of them, and it represents a high social class.
A head of a female Sphinx. Sphinx were sacred and there are a few monuments and sculptures that depict them.
This spoon was used for medicine. The Egyptians would give it to the sick and ill.
This vase could be used to carry water or store things. It may also have been used as decoration.
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