Jasper 8A

I like this picture because it shows a realistic landscape before real color paint was invented and shows the skill of the Chinese painter and his/her use of the light and dark in this piece.
This painting shows the vibrance and the greenery of a forest as well as the warm sunlight shining through the leaves. Beside, green is my color and the way the artist masterfully uses all the hues and shades of green to create a clear painting without messing up. It isn't a pool of green paint with random hues everywhere, instead it is organized and that's what makes it unique to me.
I like this picture because it has a mysterious feeling about it and has a very strong emphasis in the form of the tree. The colors are also very fitting.
I like this painting because Van Gogh's style of painting post-impressionism is excellent and unique at the same time. I also like a mixture of surreal and real pictures mixed together. This painting fits perfectly for this description. The strokes are also very precise and careful. The lines are also very random, which makes the sky look real and unreal at the same time.
I like this unique design because it is 3 dimensional and is different from other neat works of art, where color, line and shape overlaps and blends together to make it interesting.
Credits: All media
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