African-American Color and contrast

This gallery is of African-American artwork using color and contrast to depict tension and lifestyle.

This artwork Sunday Morning in Virginia uses very beautiful color and contrast. The artwork depicts a family reading. The harmony of color the artist uses multiple combinations of things. The painting uses both bright and dark colors. The artwork depicts a family with a lifestyle that is possibly not ideal to live in.
The artwork Harvest of Shame uses color that communicate emotion. The art depicts women working in the field. The artist uses color and contrast to show the work that the women are doing in the field. The artist uses bright colors that stand out and she also shows how hard the women are working.
This piece uses a lot of bright colors. The bright colors contrast with the dark colors that the artist uses for the musicians. The artwork makes your eye flow all over the the piece. The art uses vibrant colors and it shows the African American culture with Jazz. The subjects in the artwork are seen enjoying playing their instruments.
The artwork Beulah’s World also depicts African-American women working in the field. The artwork uses a variation of the same colors in the artwork. The artist depicts the women working hard in the field using both color and contrast in certain areas of the painting. The color in the artwork puts all the emphasis on the women working.
The artwork Cocktails uses soft colors and uses great contrast. The artwork shows a group of women having drinks and being served. The artist uses great contrast with the shading of the room and the darker areas. In the artwork there is a lot going on the artist even added a painting of monks in the background.
The artwork Moses, The Baltimore News Vendor is a very beautiful piece of artwork. The artist uses the contrast of the darkness and almost makes the subject seem as is he is standing in a spotlight. The artwork uses brighter colors on the hat and jacket that makes the subject standout of the shadows. The artwork makes your eyes focus solely on the vendor.
This image depicts of a woman that washing clothes. the first thing that catches the eye is the vivid color that is used. The artist uses contrast in color to show the hard work the woman is doing. Although the artist does not use a lot of colors the artwork uses colors that stand out.
In this piece the artwork uses light colors that makes the darker colors contrast very well. The woman on the balcony with her blue head scarf attracts your eye. The artwork shows a woman standing on a balcony watching people walk pass. The piece using the combination of color and contrast in order to help the artwork flow.
The artwork Tire Jumping in Front of My Window is of a busy street with a lot of kids playing in the street. The color in the artwork forces your eyes to to look over everything, so that there is not anything you are missing. The contrast of the subjects in the piece make them stand out against the colors used in the city.
The piece Sunday Morning is of an older woman and a girl reading. The artist uses the contrast with darker shadows in the room which make the subjects standout. Looking at the artwork it seems the light is coming from one side of the room thus making it hard to see the older woman’s face. The artist does a great job using color and contrast to make the viewer focus not only on the subjects but the entire room.
Credits: All media
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