Heresy; Science as the other

This gallery analyzes the way that science is perceived as the outsider by religion up until the 1900's.Scientists pre-20th century were seen similarly to the way crazy conspiracists are viewed today.

Galileo is a landmark in science during the renaissance. The catholic Church killed anyone who advocated for ideas challenging the church.
Charles Darwin was famous for his travels on the HMS beagle and subsequent studies of Evolution. Criticized by the church, he refrained from publishing his studies until old age, fearing execution.
Interestingly, the lack of fine art depicting science and the philosophers reflects on people's attitude towards science in the renaissance. This is one of few original paintings depicting science.
Another portrait of a great philosopher and scientist of the 1700's. He did work on heliocentrism and first observed the transit of venus. During his world changing research, virtually no one knew him
This is a modern portrait of Charles Darwin. He is disfigured to represent the way that he was viewed and treated in his life. To many, he was the devil and source of evil.
Segregation always has ill effects. The disregard of science ended life of 10's of billions of people to easily treatable diseases. Even today, religion is favored over scientific medicine.
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