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To start off my Google art project, i chose this piece as my first one. This piece really caught my eye with all the different colors and abstract patterns. I noticed that the drawing had a very unique ornament of odd drawings. The way animals and objects are combined to create interesting figures is very original. i like that this piece does not lack creativity and is very different compared to other pieces of artwork.
This showed to be a very interesting piece of work. The painting really depicts the title of an after war result. With all the death it really shows what is left of the bodies that were killed. Just skulls piled on one- another. What I mean is, i admire the artist trying show show a form or realism. The way you have the crows flying over the skulls in a plain deserted desert, with the color mood of painting to be gloomy and sad, such as the sky being dark and no leaves on the tree. With all the detail the artist put in, just makes this more of an interesting and fascinating piece to look at.
This piece was just so endearing when my eye wondered upon it. Just the colors and detail of this painting is unbelievable. The way the arts made the colors corespond with each other is substancial. The sea looks very endearing and the way nature was portrayed looks just so real. I really admire this picture.
One thing that really caught my eye about this piece was the beautiful scenery. What makes the scenery so beautiful and elegant is the colors and how realistic the painting looks. I really admire how the colors interface with one another. It makes the whole idea of the art very peaceful and calming.
Something struck me when I saw this painting. I think it was the mysteriousness of this piece of art. Just the idea of it alone, a piece of big carved stone in the middle of the river is so interesting. It is not a painting someone would see on a daily bases, The artist must of had a lot of creativity to think of this idea. I also admire the color contrast of all the colors. I think each color by itself is outstanding but all together, i think the colors really show each others personalities off.
I admire this painting just because of the simplicity of it. The idea of people looking into the sunset and them just relaxing there, gives off a very calming remedy. I also like the simple colors and the way they blend with one another, This piece shows me the simple side of things and it puts me in a relaxing mood.
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