The Beauty of Impressionism

In this exhibit the goal is to show different works from the impressionism era. This style of art ushered in a new standard of what art is. Art no longer had to be exclusively nobility, now it could revolve around the common person or the everyday scene. This movement not only changed the subject matter of the pieces but it also changed the way art was created, because of the impressionists artists now take their tools outside and paint what they see in their surroundings.  This collection of eight pieces attempts to show how this form of art shows the immense beauty that can be found in everyday life.                                                                                                     by Katie Waters

I chose to put this piece in because it shows the beauty of an honest hard day's work in the hot sun. It does not pretend to glorify this line of work but to portray it just as it is.
This little girl is obviously not of nobility not only because she is holding a watering can but also because of the clothing she wears. She is just an ordinary little girl but her face and everything about her seems so inviting and makes her look extraordinary.
I think that this painting is a good addition to my exhibit because like all the other pictures it portrays an ordinary everyday scene of a child in a garden, but the brush strokes are so unique.
Like the painting before this one the brush strokes are very expressive, and even though the scene in the picture is very simple the way it has been carried out looks really complex which puts this painting on a whole new level.
Boating Couple has so many great aspects, the technique is really amazing if you zoom in you will see that there are spots where there is no paint on the canvas, yet it still looks so well put together. The people in this painting are not of high class yet we see them as important and we want to know more because the woman has so much emotion on her face.
The serenity of this painting fits the impressionism theme perfectly in finding the beauty of the everyday landscape in nature.
(For the video watch from 1:47-4:13) This is one of my favorite pieces it is bright colors and it makes this woman out to be one of the most beautiful and important women you could think of, when she is actually fairly normal
I think that this was an interesting piece because it does have the impressionism theme of simplicity in everyday life but it is also done in a little bit of a different style than the rest of the pieces shown in this exhibit, this is mainly seen in the brush strokes and such techniques.
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