Urban ART - Patrick Newton

This gallery will contain pictures of different pieces of street art.  All of the pictures will be of spray paintings gathered from 2012-2014.  All of the pictures have been documented by The Street Museum of Art who document and examine the pieces of art found on the streets of different cities they are called to.

The picture here is of two separate pieces of art both painted by the same artist. Right off the bat you can see between both the pictures that neither are composed of straight lines. To the left we see a large violet blob accompanied by 3 smaller yellow blobs. To the right we can see 4 planets together surrounded by small swirls and stars that do a wonderful job of taking up space.
The picture here is of a hedgehog spray painted onto a brick wall in London. If you look closely at the coat you can see even as you get close to the front and the spines start to blend together that the artist still took the time to make sure you could tell the spines were going in the appropriate direction.
This picture is of a blue bunny spray painted onto a brick wall and two adjacent doors. The artist does a really good job using a minimal colors and still putting quite a bit of detail into the painting. Using the pink on the cheeks and ears as well as turquoise on the eyelids and around the nose/mouth are to accent these features.
This picture is of a strange creature on a concrete wall in an alley way. The creature has 7 eyes, all of which look like they have had a small bit of white sprayed into them to make the eyes look like they are crying. There is a tear falling down the right side of the creatures cheek. The creature was painted over some sort of pink worm-like creature painted on a blue background.
This is a picture of the word SCARY painted inside a road access way. The letters do a really good job popping out because they are black outlined in white with shadowing painted behind the word. It is also painted on an orange painted wall which makes the black pop out much more.
To the left painted over a white background in using black and different shades of grey is a ferret standing on his hind legs. To the right painted over a black background with a combination of white black and different shades of grays. The two paintings are both by different artists, to the left the ferret looks very mangy and unkempt while to the character to the left looks much more neatly painted and detailed.
This is a painting made up of black and white and many shades of gray. The painting depicts a ball of dirt held up by stilts with a staircase that leads to a platform where there are people very carefully placing houses upon the already crowded dirt ball. The use of different shades of gray is really well done from the practically unseen houses at the bottom to the ones at the top that are bright as can be.
In this picture you can see sprayed onto a bunch of wooden boards 3 different animals. The first two animals being a cat and an elephant the 3rd animal is too obscured to see from this picture. However regardless of being obscured you can see they all share similar traits in how they are all drawn very minimalistically. Using a single color to outline the animal and to create some key characteristics. Then white is being used to accent certain parts of the different animals.
Here you can see that the artist took a building had been covered up and painted a face on each of them. The face to the left appears to be mournful while the one to the right looks indifferent. There are splatters of red on them along the outside edges of the pair of paintings.
Here you can see a red line with a small section that looks like it could indicate a heartbeat on a heartbeat monitor. The red on black is nice because while it stands out it does not exactly pop out to the eyes.
Credits: All media
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