7th grade research(Fra Angelico)

Fra Angelico was born around 1400. Fra Angelico means "Angelic Brother". The Italian painter's real name was Guido di Pietro. He went by other names, too, like Fra Giovanni da Fiesole and Beato Angelico. He was born in Vicchio, a city in Northern Italy. He was probably influenced by Giovanni Dominici, the militant leader of reformed Dominicans. between 1420 and 1422, Fra Angelico became a Dominican friar. He then took the name Fra Giovanni da Fiesole. Angelico was also trained by the finest painter of the gothic tradition, Lorenzo Monaco. In the 1430's, Angelico painted a very inspiring work of art of the florentine renaissance. Renaissance means a new life. Around the 14th century, art was "revived". Occasionally, Angelico used medieval techniques like gold backgrounds in his work.  In the priory in San Marco, the works on the walls are from Angelico's peak in his career.  He executed a large crucifixion. Along with that, he also painted groups of rhythmically arranged ritual figures. Fra Angelico developed a concept rarely suggested in his past works of art. Fra Angelico was not like other artists, like Da Vinci. He was usually hired to paint or create his works. He also typically painted in or on buildings, like churches. He also painted with others, like Fra Filippo Lippi on works like The Adoration of the Magi. Fra Angelico had a very big influence on not just his followers but Florence and all of Italy, too. Fra Angelico was lauded as a friar in writings of the 15th century. He was acclaimed as a painter early, by Domenico Veneziano in 1438. Fra Angelico made his last trip to Rome in the year 1453 or 1454. The amazing Fra Angelico died in Rome on the date of February 8th, 1455. 

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