Melancholic Silence     (Tacha Sukawat)

Within this gallery is a collection of art work featuring beautiful landscapes, dark feelings and atmospheres showing loneliness and stagnation. Images may represent strong emotions within a world where everything continues the same cycle as if the second half of the clock fell into silence.

A very beautiful art piece revolving around the beautiful city of Warsaw in a stagnated evening where all the people come around to do activities and just letting the day pass by like every other.
Alone in the dark forest looking down to see a reflection of what may be the only life left within the stagnated world. Knowing the context that the figure is a princess; something horrible happened.
A sepia-type image that shows a stagnated empty and dark walkway. As the trees rustle in the wind, the sky keeps getting darker and eventually engulfing the entire walkway within its grasp.
A very beautiful landscape of Champrosay, so beautiful and calm as if a perfect calamity is about to befall this forest looking at the darkened clouds and the setting sun from the sky.
A sunset over the Hudson Valley. Within the world of silence, the cycle continues with a neverending story of the sun going down every single day turning the beautiful world completely dark.
A heavy storm exaggerated as one big cluster of paint showing multiple shades of gray representing the heaviness and the many layers of the storm. Under the cloud lies a small town living through.
Jagged lines and the messiness of the forest represents death and spirits that lies within the darkened forests. Without color and without sound, life continues to be consumed within the darkness.
Within an empty room lies a deformed rooster literally representing a headless chicken not knowing where to go. As there is darkness where you can hide, or the light where you are compromised.
A tree engulfed within the darkness. The very small details of the cracked wood shows that the forest this tree is in doesn't have the natural resources to support life as the tree continues to age.
The night befalls a stagnated town every single day. Choice of colors represent melancholy and stagnation where silence is about to become prominent. Wavy lines represents dreams of the sleeping.
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