Nature ~ Big, bright and beautiful Flowers 

As you enter my exhibition you will smell the sense and feel the warmth of flowers and as you already know this gallery is all about flowers from the theme nature. Flowers are apart of nature as they are all living creatures that have the same features that make it a flower. The features that make up flowers are its colour, leaves, petal, and a stem. Any of these would make a flower. All these images relate to each other due to it all having to do with flowers. All these flowers also relate to each other as they are all a piece of art. Likewise, they relate as they all have the same features and they all have the same parts. I chose these artworks of different types of flowers because I have a passion for flowers that are big, bright and beautiful.

In this gallery you will find pottery, wall hangings, oil paintings, 3D images and more. You will also find techniques used in the art works such as brush strokes, patterns, texture, tone, features of our bodies and more. You will only find these textures if you look closely though.

The art work I have enjoyed the most looking at is the eye flower. I have enjoyed it as it is very creative as the flowers are made from eyes and a green background. As the background is green it made it my favourite as green is my favourite colour. When you exit my exhibition I hope you have learnt something new and hope you have sensed the different emotions through the flowers just like I have. Throughout this exhibition I have enjoyed doing my gallery; I surely hope you enjoy this exhibition just as much as I have.

This exhibition is post modern due to it being playful. It is showing that it is playful by it being fake flowers. Due to that you can play with it with it lasting longer.
This exhibition is cultural due to this being a place. It shows me that as this is a place as it has a house.
This is a structural piece of art work due to it having strong elements of composition such as tone. This exhibition show us tone form the blue colour on the flowers.
This exhibition is subjective as there is emotion and imagination being shown. Emotion is being shown by the rain as tears and imagination is show by nature being sad.
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