Love, Desire, and ruin.

This exhibit talks about the dangers of love, desire, and freedom. To love is to desire. To desire and love is to be controlled.The object of one's affection has a hold over that person the second they give into the emotions love or desire it. True happiness does not come from love. It comes from freedom. The great philosopher Epictetus strongly believed this. Love is not a bad thing, but to give into it and let it have control over you is. He advised people to kiss their wives and then remind themselves that she could die at any moment. To be truly free one must avoid letting desire and love consume them. Humans find pleasure from pain. Why else would punishment and torture exist? Inflicting pain is almost never necessary, yet people do it very often. Especially in the form of punishment. They get pleasure from seeing others in pain. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote on this. Many times they hate and despise the very things they claim to love. Not only can love and desire create a hold over you but the very object of that affection very well could be wanting to hurt and ruin you. To avoid this one must keep boundaries. They must distance themselves from the objects of their affection, such as Epictetus suggested. Kiss your wife and remember she could die at any second. Keep space between you and those surrounding you,Take time for oneself, such as Thoreau did. Do not let emotions rule you. Rational thinking and being aware of how the world is working around you can help lead to living a life of freedom. A life of true happiness. Never forgetting that things change, die, and want to hurt you. Check yourself often and do not fall prey to the objects of love and desire.If you do they will ruin you.

“We are at the mercy of whoever wields authority over the things we either desire or detest. If you would be free, then, do not wish to have, or avoid, things that other people control, because then you must serve as their slave.” - Epictetus
Eros is the greek god of love. He struck woman's hearts with arrows so that the next thing they laid eyes on they would be love struck by. This person would then be the soul object of their desire and affection. It would then have complete power over them.
“Read from a distant star, the majuscule script of our earthly existence would perhaps lead to the conclusion that the earth was the distinctively ascetic planet, a nook of disgruntled, arrogant creatures filled with a profound disgust with themselves, at the earth, at all life, who inflict as much pain on themselves as they possibly can out of pleasure in inflicting pain which is probably their only pleasure.” - Neitche
Venus is the goddess of love and desire. Born naked out of a shell she instantly came the object of man's desire. Her beauty causes ruin. The god's and men fought over her time and time again. She started wars by making people fall in love. Once under the spell of love they did irrational things, such as rape or kidnap. This emotion called love was so strong it became a course to anyone affected by it.
"Individuals, like nations, must have suitable boundaries, even a considerable neutral ground, between them" - Thoreau
“The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” -Epictetus
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