Speak collage

By: Chloe Alvarado

This reminds me of the Cafeteria scene when Melinda talks about how there's all these different kind of people that sit at the table. How there all many different cliques in High School. [page 4] "We fall into clans, jocks, country clubbers, cheerleaders, human waste."
This represents the scene where Melinda talks about how she feels like different people, like she has multiple personalities. [Page 132] "Get a life, it's just pizza." "The world is a dangerous place." "You don't know what would've happened."
Throughout the book, David Petrakis always gave Melinda some sort of protection and feeling of being safe. This picture makes me think of them or what they could've been. [Page 37] "Has the potential to be cute when braces come off. So brilliant it makes the teachers nervous" [57] "I make a note to study David Petrakis."
This is a close picture of Melinda's sculpture which consisted of bones which relate to the sticks in the photo. [Page 62] "I arrange the bones on a black piece of paper and try to draw a turkey on it." "I have unearthed the remains of a hideous sacrifice."
Melinda finds herself within painting. Painting and art to Melinda are held very dearly and close to her heart. She paints mostly in a hidden Janitor room. [Page 24] "I haven't stumbled into a classroom, it's an old janitor's closet"
The stitches are removed from Melinda's lips once she speaks about the tragedy that happened to her. Before she came out though, people made fun of her lips constantly. [Page 45] "She's creepy. What's wrong with her lips? It looks like she got a disease or something." [Page 46] "Good thing my lips are stitched or I'd throw up."
Melinda was given the semester to come up with an art product that goes about trees. I feel like this picture represents how Melinda felt about drawing the tree. As you can see, there is am upset face on the tree. [page 32] "Hopeless. I crumble it into a ball and take another sheet. How hard can it be to draw a tree?"
This represent the night "IT" and Melinda spent together. Melinda may have been feeling lonely, but when tragedy struck, she tried to get away as quick as she could. The metaphor in this painting is the escape for Melinda. [Page 45] "I see IT in the hallway. IT goes to Merryweather. IT is my nightmare and I can't wake up."
Melinda spent a lot of time thinking and processing the life she's been given. Whether she thinks in her room or in the janitor's closet, she never feels safe or put together as a person. [Page 16] "The fluffy pillow and warm comforters are more powerful than I am" [Page51] "I know my head isn't screwed on right. I want to leave, transfer to another galaxy."
This picture instantly made me think of the scene in the woods of the party. Melinda, in red, covered in fear. Afraid of what might happen next, she tries to flee. Andy, in the green hair, scary, clearly trying to frighten Melinda. [Page 135] "I twist my head away. He is so heavy, there is a boulder on me."
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