Romantic America

Romanticism was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement. These mesmerizing artworks you are about to see displays a representation of the Romantic movement, which originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. The many inspiring artists featured in this gallery are truly astonishing. Their ability to create a story-like scenery with the use of compiled colors, shadow effects, depth, and careful detail. These artists give the inanimate picture life, beauty, and meaning.

In this painting, you will see animals and people being surrounded by the beauty of nature. I admire the tall mountains in the distance being embraced by the sun's warm colors.
I like the detail of the ocean waters beautifully colliding against the rocks.
If you look closely toward the bottom, right corner you'll see a Native American admiring the wildlife and nature around him. The waters glimmering as the sunlight comes into contact.
I admire the cascade as it emanates a thick mist, concealing the barriers beyond the image.
In this painting, you will see a small group of people in a boat journeying the foreign parts of the world.
I enjoy the use of majestic colors in this particular artwork because it gives an enchanting, fairytale-like scenery.
I admire Thomas Moran's use of eye-catching colors to create a powerful sunset.
This artwork conveys a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere/environment.
This still life conveys the appeals of nature and its wild creatures.
This portrait exudes the beauty and preciousness of human life.
This painting describes the fascinating characteristics of the "great outdoors."
I enjoy how George Henry Durrie constructs a visual image of farmland and its animals during the winter season.
I like how this image exudes an adventurous feeling. A breathtaking experience, voyaging outside the borders of America.
I admire the detail of the clear, blue sky and the waves pushing ashore.
This painting conveys the bonds of a mother and her child.
This portrait constructs a visual image of the Native Americans and their characteristics.
Credits: All media
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