Gods and Men

An exhibit showcasing that the divide between man and god is not so vast.

A small statuette that is supposed to depict either Ceres or Juno. You can tell its a Goddess because of the diadem. I chose this one to show that if it weren't for the tiara we'd think it was just a woman
Pandora being given gifts to make her a more enticing woman. It's reminiscent of a bride being given gifts on her wedding day. The problem being she is a honeypot trap. Very human behavior.
A man healing a cripple and showing benevolence. Many gods would never think of such a thing. Not so wide a divide.
Jupiter as an unwanted child being raised on an Island away from his hateful father. Unconditional love shown to a child not their own. A boy that grows to defeat and imprison his father.
The war and Fall of the Titans was basically one of the biggest family feuds of all time. The Olympians were the children of the Titans. Family disputes transcend barriers.
Jupiter leaves Venus for Minerva. Even the gods play favorites with their children. The other gods are amazed because who could leave Venus for anybody?
Mars and Venus are having an affair and are caught not only by her husband, Vulcan, but the other gods as well. Apparently, infidelity knows no bounds. If the Goddess of Love cannot remain faithful, how is Man?
Even the gods love a good party. This is supposed to be a Bacchanal type of affair. They laugh at priapus when his attempt at seduction is thwarted showing they're little better than high schoolers.
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