Color schemes 

Jennifer Clark

This artwork includes the primary colors;red,blue, and yellow. The colors are bright and vibrant, which causes the artwork to portray a upbeat and joyful mood.
This artwork has a secondary color scheme. The colors help create a relaxed feeling. The subject looks calm and lonely in the artwork.
This artwork uses complementary colors. The colors red and green are used in this artwork and are located opposite to each other on the color wheel. This makes them complementary. The colors create the peaceful and calm mood.This helps portray the beauty of nature and the flowers. The use of red helps the flowers "pop" out of the vast amount of green used to portray the grass.
This is an example of artwork that uses a monochromatic color scheme. The color is blue.The artist uses different shades and tints of the color blue. This creates a solemn and gloomy mood.The color blue helps create the effect of a graveyard, because the color blue is usually shown with the feeling of sadness.
This artwork uses the colors black and white. When the color black is used it adds emphasis to those areas, because black is a stronger color than white. This makes the artwork to have an unsure mood.
The artwork color scheme uses analogous colors. The colors of green,yellow green, and yellow. The shades of green help create texture and depth. The colors create the natural feeling of this artwork.
Cool colors are used in this artwork. This helps create a cool and calm mood. The subject of the artwork is dusk, so the colors help add to the time of the day. Its the time of day when it becomes calm.
Warm colors; yellow,red,and orange, are used in this artwork. This helps create a comfortable and warm mood. The colors relate to the object because the subject is a room. Also, the colors create the effect of happiness and liveliness.
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