Pakistan & nepal

The culture of both Pakistan and Nepal. 

I chose this picture to represent Pakistan's culture because of the use of the radio here. The radio is used for news, and entertainment in Pakistan and is used a lot in their everyday lives.
This mural is in my gallery because of the unique design is has. It resembles different aspects of the culture by the what they have in the mural and it's detail.
I picked this museum for a couple of reasons. The architecture is so detailed and vibrant and I feel this could show how much they value their history, by the building its kept in.
This is the Four Scenes from the Life of Buddha. It reveals the aspect of religion within parts of Pakistan's culture and that's exactly why I chose this as one of my gallery pictures.
These figures of Nepal citizens shows the common dress of an everyday person in Nepal. They're very different from the U.S. and this is the reason I picked them.
The Nepal Tiger Tops are a landmark for Nepal. They bring in a lot of tourism, even since the sixties. I chose this picture because of the significance of their role in the economy.
This picture of tent city is here because of the earthquakes they get from the Tiger Tops. It has impacted the people significantly and seems to be becoming a way of life for some of the people.
I chose this photo because it shows the everyday city in Nepal. This is the way the common person lives in this country and it definitely contrasts from our home in the U.S.
This art work is all over Nepal, across tons of buildings. The colorfulness of this culture is shown through these murals which is somewhat different from what we do in the U.S.
I have this statue here because of the religion it has tied into it. Hinduism is religion in Nepal that is practiced by many citizens and is important to the people.
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