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This is probably my favorite artwork in my gallery. Dogs are my favorite animal, and I find this to be one of the cutest paintings I have ever seen. It just makes me so happy to look at. I believe art is supposed to make you feel something when you look at it, and the playful puppies in this painting certainly give me a warm feeling inside.
I chose to add this to my gallery because it is weird, and I like weird stuff. This drawing makes me laugh because of how random it is. It is like a never-ending fish feast; one fish eats another, which eats another, and so on. And, the people do not act like anything is wrong with this. I think they are just happy to have a lot of fish to eat!
I like this artwork because it is like nothing I have ever seen before. I find it interesting that it is made out of a spray can, like it is graffiti on a spray can! It feels very ironic. There is also a lot of small detail in the paint on the face, which I can imagine would be a lot of hard work with spray paint.
This painting is interesting because of the way it looks 3-dimensional, as well as the striking choice of colors. The different shades of green and the patterns they create feel wild, but it contrasts with the calm scene of the bedroom, giving it a neutral feeling. I would probably enjoy having a room that looked similar to this.
What I like the most about this sculpture is that whoever named it could not tell if it was a fox or a bear. Because of this, it feels very mysterious, even though that was probably not the artist's intention. I love animals, so any artwork with animals is going to draw my eye.
I have always found it interesting how people create giant works of art on buildings. I enjoy this one just because it seems so random. It is like a strange totem pole made of people. I really like the fact that it makes me laugh because I do not understand the point of it. It seems so strange yet satisfying.
I am drawn to this piece because it is a ceramic piece. I took ceramics class in high school and I enjoyed making clay sculptures of random objects and glazing them in different and bright colors. This work, in a way, reminds me of some of the things I used to make. That was one of my favorite classes in high school, and I absolutely loved being able to make whatever I wanted.
The main reason I like this piece is because of the dog. I have three dogs, and this little piece of glass reminds me of them. Anything that reminds me of my dogs is going to draw my attention, especially since my dogs mean so much to me. Another simple reason why I like this piece is because it looks like a small piece of candy, which I also like!
I just find this piece to be so fun! This is another artwork that reminds me of some of the things I made in my ceramics class in high school. I love the random placement of the different objects, which are also very random. I love how whimsical it is. The teacher of my ceramics class always told me she thought my pieces were very whimsical, which is why I think I like this so much.
This painting feels very dark and mysterious. I love horror, whether it is movies or haunted houses. This looks like something that belongs in something horror related. The white tree is ghostly against the dark background, which is what drew me to this painting. Perhaps that is why this tree has no leaves, while the others behind it do.
This little vase is fun to look at. The spiral caught my eye the moment the picture of this piece loaded on my computer. The sandy color gives it an earthy feel, and it looks as though it has a sandy texture. The spiral looks smooth against the background, which makes my eyes want to follow it around the vase.
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