Beautiful landscapes - Elias Bahena

The theme of this gallery is beautiful landscapes. With the uses of colors we can see the true beauties of landscapes that the world has to offer us. Besides showing us the beautiful side of these landscapes. Colors can also give us the meaning of what images are trying to express.

In this painting we are shown the Grand Canyon as the sun is setting. The colors of this painting help remind us of how beautiful nature really is.
The Niagara Falls is a roaring natural waterfall that is captured perfectly in this painting. The colors of this painting show us how something so beautiful brings life to everything.
In this picture we see the Pyramids of Egypt. Though the colors seem very dull. It doesn't mean that the pyramids are bleak and simple. it just reminds us that even the dullest things are magnificent.
This is a painting of mount Fuji. The use of colors help depict life and death. Though the mountain looks beautiful, we must remember that beauty can also be deadly.
The Stonehenge on a sunny day is depicted on in this photograph. The uses of colors help us feel calm, collective and in sync with out selves.
In this photograph we see the Osprey Reef. The dark colors used in this photography help remind us that there is not only beauty above see but also below this mysterious deep sea.
In this picture we see the ancient ruins of the Mayan Civilization. The colors of this photograph reminds us that there was once a civilization that once thrived here but is now no longer around.
The Northern lights are the most beautiful natural occurring lights in the world. The uses of blue and red help depict something out of the world. We have the calming blue and a mysterious red.
This is a photograph of the Taj Mahal. This picture uses calming cool colors. The colors fit perfectly with the Taj Mahal because the this is a place where you can rest, meditate and calm your mind,
This is photograph of an endless galaxy. Just like the picture its self, the colors express mystery and awe. We must always remember that things can end in an instant and see as much as we can.
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