The art of surrealism

What type of art features Jagged arms, triangle heads, and clubbed feet. Surrealistic art is the pinacle of visual imagery based off of the subconciouse mind. Featuring famous work by artists such as Edvard Munch, to lesser known and local art, this exhibit will help you dive into this elusive art genre. In this exhibit we will on surrealism in the human body, with a few works on nature.

Here, we show a well known surreal painting. The painting made to represent the artists the artists sense of danger. With wavy, dark colors, and distorted figures, this is clearly surreal. This allows visitors to have a relatable example of the genre.
Here we have an example of surrealism in nature, showcasing a dream like atmosphere. this is shown by the unusually large sun beams and hilly areas. These create a sense of peace and destruction. With its unnatural colors and shapes it looks as if it is taken straight from a dream.
This art piece by Frida Kahlo displays the distinct features of the genre. From the large wing-like hands,to the significance of the floating heads, which are key influences in Marxism. Everything in this piece ties together for a theme. This shows an example of a more subject oriented piece.
Looking at this painting allows for many interpetations. Some can see a sense of self reflection. While others can see someone looking back on their past. This piece was added, not only for those qualities, but also the shape of the human like figures. The figures have no face, which is very dream like.
The Flower of Life is a painting with a deep background. It goes above dream like idealogies, to combine similar objects. The flower in this painting is very reminiscent of a female uterus, where human life begins. However, at first glance for many people it would appear to just be a flower. This encourages people to look deeper into the painting, and others in the exhibit.
The Terrible Totems has a unique yet complex style of surrealism. The totem in this painting has a larger than normal head, leaving it up for interpitation that maybe it is all knowing. The fact that only the distorted totem is in the frame is also worth noting. This allows the viewer to develop their own ideas of the painting without too many distractions.
Capturing the last moments of a persons life, this painting has some clear discrepencies. From the floating horse to the man in black, its clear that something has happened. What mainly makes this surrealistic, is the black figure. The shape of its head and its jagged body are almost like its out of a nightmare.
Part of a ten piece set, this art piece displays a more mild version of surrealism. With big,smiling grins and bright colors, it accurately portrays the mood of fun and leisure. This piece is very simple, and could very easily not be a surrealistic painting. However, the skin color of the people is what allows this piece to be in the exhibit.
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