Love through time

This gallery consist of works of art throughout time displaying love through different mediums. Some works of art display love through husband and wife, mother and child or through the the help a person receives from a stranger.

This still frame from the movie Once Again for Love, shines light on the two subjects and the embrace each other.
The only subjects in this painting that aren't clothed are St. John and the other child which could suggest purity.
This statue looks to be made of marble and shows a lot of detail. The subject distribute her weight onto one leg instead of evenly.
There are also two swans behind them which seem to be kissing. There is a also and dog painted in the scene. The clothes that cover them are white which stands for fertility and red for love.
The Unequal Couple shows an older man with a much younger woman.
A dark painting of Madonna, her Child and Saint John the Baptist who happened to be her nephew. The painting style could be considered Baroque.
Painting of Adam and Eve. The background is a dark hue of watercolor giving the impression that the style might be baroque
This painting show the depiction of husband and wife through a two birds. This painting can be considered Impressionism
The couple laying together in embrace are shown in detail but are not idolized
Pictured is Paolo and Francesca da Rimini. There are roses scattered on the floor and on the wall which is a symbol of love. Paolo is also wearing the color red which is the color of red.
Credits: All media
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