La belle femme de paris -Kia Washington

 They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I invite you to come join me on a wonderful journey through the streets of Paris to view the beauty of the Paris women. Paris is the land of love and what jewel could be more precious than the paris women that reside there?

This is a photo of the 1881 paris woman. This is typical paris. What is striking for me about this photo is the color scheme the artist picked. The greens and blues are beautiful together and the pattern of the leaves in the background. This shows balance for me because the women is still the main point of the photo although she is what looks like surrounded in a high garden.
This is the depiction of an early paris woman. What I like about this photo is the dress that is being worn. The pattern of the ruffles in the dress are slanted at an angle which brings beauty to it. I can look at this photo and see texture, for example the smoothness of the dress.
Women in this picture, for what looks like a celebration. The black and white brings out the beauty in this piece for me. The flower covered crowns being worn displays feminism.This displays contrast.
Women Bitten by a Snake 1847. This is a sad piece because the women although strikingly pretty, lays there as she dies. There is a good use of texture, mainly the smooth skin verses the rough ground.
This is one of the earliest pieces of a self portrait in my gallery. It depicts the typical paris women. What I like about this photo is the unity in the dress the consistent green pattern.
This is what I call the classic french maid. This uniform is solely connected to how even the help in paris had to look good. I like the use of texture for the candles and silver gold bowl behind her.
This depicts the femme in the nude of Paris. Paris is known for its' lazy fare type of lifestyle and the artist uses linear perspective in this photo with the objects around the person in the picture.
This is a women in paris with a Parasol. What I like most about this picture is the unity and balance of the dress. The consistent ridges and the different shades of indigo.
This statue depicts a women on a sheaf of wheat. When I look at this statue I see the changes in texture, from the smoothness of the girls skin compared to the ruffles in the sheaf of wheat.
This is a portrait of Dolley P. Madison. For me this piece displays a good example of contrast and texture. The beauty of the white dress against the dark colors the artist used for the background.
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