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Dana Bratten's New Living Room

I like the way there is an “opening” in the painting that makes you want to travel in to see what is beyond the fence. The brush strokes give movement to the water and clouds in very different ways. There is serenity in the colors that makes me assume this is a relaxing place that I would love to visit.
I love the expressions on every face. It looks as though fun is being had with this jolly gentleman and his simple instrument. The twinkle in the eye is definitely captured in the forward facing eyes. The brush strokes and color give life and realness to the faces. The painting evokes happiness and maybe even some mischief.
I cannot pinpoint the appeal, but I always enjoy an artist’s self-portrait. I like seeing how they “see themselves.” The subject is centered and bold. There is a depth to the eyes that makes you wonder his actual age and if they represent a life well lived. I like the movement in the background that is in contrast with the stillness of his gaze.
For this piece, I like many things. One of which is the dimensions of the canvas. It measures 10.25 inches wide and 24 inches high. This size limits your field of vision to make you focus on the subject with little distraction. The movement of the girl's clothing is captured with shadows and highlights as it blows in the wind.
I like that the dancers in immediate foreground and the dancer to the left side are left to the viewer’s imagination. You are encouraged to focus on the one complete figure, yet you are aware of the background dancers. The color variation and his pastel brush strokes create light, fluffy tutus with an airy quality. They are very delicate and soft, yet detail remains.
This image contains two of my favorite things . . . a cow and brown ink! I love paintings, sketches and sculpture of cows. I can’t really put into words why I love brown ink (sepia) so much. I find it less complicated than color and it allows you to focus on the detail that has been captured. My other favorite subject for brown ink is a very gnarly tree without leaves.
I think this double image of being on both sides of the camera is such a unique idea. It makes me wonder how our photographs of today will be interpreted by future generations. No Photoshop during this time period, just the lens and creative ways to use it.
The small portion of this fragment makes me wonder about the size of the entire tent. The color caught my attention. I would love to know more detail about the amount of time and effort it would take to make an entire tent that includes such detail and craftsmanship. The remarkable fact is that there were no electrical machines to do such art, just the labor of a talented person.
These mural images give new life to an otherwise dull and unattractive canvas. It also makes art enjoyable to people who may not have the means or the time to venture into a museum. It ads contrived art to intermix with the unplanned art of nature. I wish more urban areas would allow this type of art expression that can be viewed by many.
I like the Ibis and find it to be a funny looking bird. I do not know the significance of this bird for the Egyptian people or the role that it might have played in their religious rituals, but I find it attractive as an art piece. I like the rustic look of the aged bronze and wood and figure it is more beautiful today than it was then!
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