Blue is a color that really defines the beauty of life and the beauty of the sky. The color make the pictures and painting come to life especially in oceans and sky. 

As you can see this is a painting of a river and the color of blue lights up to show more life in the painting. The sky is really show the light blue color to show more of a realist cloud.
Realist human picture. seriously this is very good painting that i fell that hd can't match this thing, and the clothing of her's is very poping colors that I thinks the painter use of type of techique
I choose this one due to the fact that this one show a lot of the outside, like the outside world and beauty of the grass.
these plate show the life around the deer and the baby. the reason why i choose this due to the fact that i love nature and the outdoor of stuff.
These pot is my favorite one due to the fact that the color of the blue scale to a dark blue to a lighter one of the scales of the fish, but making the ocean white not blue. the fish is the ocean
this is the epic vincent vango. this guys know his stuff and choose this one is really more of a green blue which show a lot more in the background. But this one he has the ear.
This is more like an assassination that is going to happen and the blue pillar blocks i thinks are showing that the assassins are in positions and making glow blue. i chose it for the style.
this glass is really intrusting and really cool. i picked it for the style for the bowl and the bat thats in the top of it. I just want to know how much is it so i could get it.
This painting has so much details in the blue that the moonlight has no effect on it. This blue is actually is the background for the setting. I picked this one for the blue
Yellow page seems this is use in this painting with some baby blue color. The type of brush was use maybe its finger of a human. I picked it for the randoms dolling
Okay this one is really a font thing, I honestly didn't read the cause its was long but long the font blue font
These is more like a goth style of art, and i can see it use for glass type window or a table glass top. I choose this one for the color that make it very vivid. also resemble the venus of willendorf
Night time sleep, that somethings I'll call the painting.But for the time being this painting i something type shadow blue. might be a nightmare that the sleeper is trap in his own ego or sleep
These statue of glass of very beautiful blue is very glowe but for what I i most of it just a very good piece. I pick this from the moment the time i seen it but just need some common blue
just the very blue sea and i know that its a picture but i just like the atmosphere of the beach an the lovely wave.But the color is ver light blue from the top and start of the shadow from shore.
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