The Female Body Of The Northern Renaissance

Each of these paintings in this gallery depict women who live their lives comfortably in their own skin during the Northern Renaissance. The beauty of the female body enhance the minds of the audience that tells stories greater than being nude in everyday settings. The Northern Renaissance focused much on the details of the human form to make it more realistic to the naked eye. The bodies of women are celebrated in these particular paintings to reveal how much pride Northern Renaissance artists took in perfecting their expressive skills, leading to have a huge influence on the history of art.

This first painting depicts how women wanted to be valued in their own skin. They wanted to live life without judgement on how they looked. They did not waste their time trying to please others.
Some women, on the other hand, only wanted to focus on their looks. Prudence was filled with vanity that flowed through her veins. This painting was placed after the first one to serve as a counterargument.
This next painting depicts the message of a love relationship between a mother and her son. The green drape connects these two characters as Amor wants his mother's attention and Venus wants to embrace her body. They both want to show their beauty to the world.
This is a very powerful artwork. The body of the woman infers how weak and tired she is. The young child's innocence is causing the woman to lie down in defeat as she struggles with her humanity. She has given up on what her life could be like in the future.
The fruit and vegetables surrounding the woman heighten the beauty of her character. This painting implies that she has devoted her life to nature and all it has to offer to the world. The setting truly tells her story in this sense.
This artwork describes how a strong woman would seek revenge on a man who has treated her wrongly. The woman's expression tells the audience that she does not care what the consequences of her actions might be. She uses her body to claim the respect she deserves by sitting on the monster.
The beauty of these witches can deceive anyone who meets their path. They can use their attractive qualities to lure their enemies into their trap. They know they can easily fool anyone.
This artwork shows a different side of a woman that have been portrayed in these past pieces. She looks lost in her surroundings. She sits down to take in the very moment she is in to use that for her advantage for the future. She does not know what she wants in life.
The body of the witch is becoming older. There is something beautiful about the way she is posing that tells the audience she has not let her age get to her. She still feels young and free, letting her hair billow in the wind.
The last piece is very interesting. The woman resembles a puppet being controlled by Death who awaits her. She seems careless, allowing her fate to lead her toward her final breath. She wants to die while she is still young and beautiful.
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