The Beauty of Nature

This piece of artwork makes you think of a beautiful and peaceful place. Where you could just sit back and relax , while reading a book and letting the spring breeze blow on your face.
This picture has great colour and good shading.
This picture is very pretty and the tree has a lot of detail.
I think this picture looks like a happy and peaceful place,like something in a book or movie.
This artwork reminds me or a western landscape that is dry and barren, the artist looks like he has tried to still make the landscape look beautiful.
This red squirrel is very cute and looks like a real life portrait. It has lots of detail and the colours the artist used look fantastic .
The poppy field makes me feel sad and happy at the same time, by the way Vincent Van Gogh used the colours that he did. I like the colours of the sky with the yellow and the blue blending together .
This picture looks like a photo taken by a camera and not painted.the colour and the ripples in the water look so real.
I like this picture because to me it reminds me of the Disney movie 'Ariel' when they are swimming though the deep blue waters of the sea and all of the bright colourful coral reef.
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