New century for African Americans

Gallery embodies what African Americans caused and went through in the 1900-1935 

After World War I ended, Harlem began booming. The Harlem Renaissance started influencing all forms of art. One of the most enjoyable was the genre of music Jazz. Some though of it as vulgur.
Black and white people came together when it came to having a good time. The most common place were speakeasies where a black man could flirt with a white women.
All types of people lived in Harlem from poor black families to middle class. Poets, musicians,strippers and doctor could be found in Harlem.
When Jazz was performed most of it was improvised. Members in the band would have a moment to shine and perform a improvised solo on the spot.The music was usually based off how the environment felt.
During this time activist were at full force and spoke out in many ways. There were poets like Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen
Duke Ellington was probably one of the most black influential people in the music industry. He led a jazz orchestra that performed at the Cotton Club in Harlem.
During World War I not many black men had the chance to go into combat. The percentage that did received recognition for over achieving everyone's expectations and proving their place.
The picture shows a black church in ruins and a black man dead from being lynched. This was sadly common in the south, black people had to be careful of their actions.
The Harlem Renaissance was brought to an end when the market crashed in 1929. The great environment quickly vanished.
Violence increased in the South,which pushed African Americans towards migrating to the North. Many went to big cities like Chicago. Robert Abbott(depicted in the painting)was one of the many to leave.
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