Guid Your Eyes

For my first Gallery, I decided to use the subject of composition. I really wanted to show off the important aspect of all art. Either the subject be a cube or a human being it's important. And this can be said not just for paintings but for photography and sculpture.                                                                                                               By: Joan Heise - Full Sail University - Art History

This painting has really nice and complete composition. With the addition to the background the 4 subjects of the image really equally weigh it out.
This isn't necessarily focused on the center but more of all around it. Your eyes see the picture from top to bottom then back up. The subject makes you want to look at her and then the sun set.
Interestingly enough the main subject is the only thing you should look at, seeing as the background is blotched and smokey just like the background in the MonaLisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.
At first you don't notice but there is more than one being in this picture. It has a good bubbly feeling to it even the colors suggest an older feel. (no pun intended)
Personally I love this picture. The colors, where the people are spaced out from each other is wonderful. A long with the well done composition the reflection the water really caught my eye.
The very bold lines and smooth pose of the Geisha in "Dance" is wonderful. The subject is directly in the middle giving you all the focus on her and the cool colors around her.
The very dark background and clothing really make the subject pop. I also really like the fact that there is a lot of background space and still it draws you into the face.
I really feel like this was another artist inspired by the Japanese art style. Even though this picture is very highly detailed, its also simple. The trees and landscape compliment each other nicely.
The glowing fire in the center picture really lights this picture dramatically. With the glow comes the rest of the subjects working with the light. Almost every space of the picture is filled up.
The time of day this was painted in was a great choice. As was the position they chose. The balance of the trees and landscape make you long for that sunset.
This photo to me as very mixed feelings about it. Even though it has no color it has a level of anxiety. You can also see that the subject is in the middle yet it is at an angle
The near and far subject give off almost an ominous feeling along with the name of the photo.
The complimentary colors in this piece is alarming and yet very inviting. This is a photo though designed to look like a photo realism painting.
The title of this sculpture says it all. The position of the body and the smooth feel to it adds a lot of emotion of desire.
The wonderful pose and flow feels really real.
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