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Renaissance and Asian Art

I chose this, because it represents Jesus' final days of life and I just thought of seeing more of what's to coming from him.
I picked this one, because the Chinese did so well on this piece and my how pretty this Chinese girl looks.
I like this one because it gives a lighter feature.
This plate shows some good nature in all Japanese culture.
A horse is helping out two men on making fire with dirt and charcoal.
This shows about Jesus being baptized after getting resurrected. People would find out how God revived Jesus after getting crucified.
This man is dressed in black. I don't know what he was dressed for, but I've noticed he was going to an opera.
Such a colorful Japanese winter robe.
When I have one of these, I'll translate to what it says.
I love how they did with this. This painting is so realistic this rabbit even looks real.
This portrait shows some emotion of this man thinking and thinking.
This reminds of the sphinx.
This one shows some good nature of the finest birds of Asia.
The two children are sitting there silently on the bench with their bare feet.
It may an Ark of the Covenant, but this shows some good paintings of the people dancing, giving gifts, and going to the sea.
Credits: All media
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