Faces in the street

From social awareness to inspiration and remembrance -- street art brings art out of the gallery and into the eyes of everyday life.

Hicks uses a combination of smooth and rigid lines to paint a man saving a women from the ocean. their outfit makes me ponder their background. The rigid lines illustrate movement within the artwork.
The smooth lines show off a still face that "pops" out at you. If you move your eyes around, while looking at the color, it's appears like camo, but look at his eyes and it looks like war paint.
A distressed man in Palestine. The proportions work. The complementary colors are what you would expect for Palestine. You can see how the artist used line work to give the head piece depth.
Amazing. This Street Art is a reminder of the people who were here in the past. The pale colors remind me of traditional mediums. Gerada used thick lines to add definition to the features.
Strong women -- The overall color and movement of her hair makes her appear battered or "run down". She's looking off into the distance with a determined ready and able gaze. The shapes are dynamic.
Albert Einstein looking at me like no excuses, the caption says it all. The lines give his face a lot of character and definition. Chamberlain uses complementary color but varies the tones.
Brings awareness of Big Brother. The color scheme is dark and dreary. Most of the space is taken up by the dirty dripping lines. The rest is asymmetrical balanced with him watching.
Inspire hope to the people. Background color is dark. Their faces scared with sharp lines, yet glow in light. Titled "Omen" could symbolizes light is within them even if their world is dark.
A man with his mind releasing. The dynamic shape of his head tilting back with an "ahh" feeling. His thoughts are being represented as boxes being released into space. Color for different thoughts.
"Faces on a blue wall" are smiling and making silly faces that people can't help and smile back at. They both have a touch of red that draws attention. Shapes dynamic and give an appearance of motion.
Credits: All media
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