Music in motion

This gallery was created to showcase movement in music. The artwork herein displays just that. Music In Motion ranges from the movement of dance to the playing and performing of music in different mediums. Music can be more than just heard. One of the best parts of music is seeing it in action.

This painting by Sam Yeates depicts a woman with two faces playing a blue guitar. The artist draws the viewer’s attention using symmetry more specifically reflection with the woman's faces, one of which is blue. This blue moves from one of her faces down one side of her body with the color of the guitar. The artist used a warmer tone on the figures left hand, which moves along the fret of the guitar.
This piece by artist Kawanabe Kyosai shows exactly what the title says a dancer and musicians. The lines used on to paint the dancer shows how the figure moves to the music. One of the musicians seems to be in motion as well with some sort of dance movement. From the looks of their faces and the positions of their bodies this may depict a celebration of some kind.
This piece by Alfred Dehodencq shows music in motion in several ways. The artist's use of space was used in a great way to give a little depth to the work. The people and objects depicted are larger in the foreground and smaller in the background. The image shows the playing of instruments, clapping, and dancing.
Edgar Degas’s painting The Orchestra at the Opera shows a sense of unity with all of the musicians. There is completeness with all of the instruments from wind instruments to the strings. The violins show movement from the bows and there is also movement from the ballerinas dancing on stage.
The use of light and dark values in Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano's Cheering at the Gates of the Farm gives a vibrant feel to the painting. His use of shadows to mask one of the figures slightly pairs well with the bright colors in light. Movement can be seen in the woman dancing, the woman playing the guitar, and the people clapping.
Arno Nadel’s piece is Music in Motion. The man is playing an instrument that isn’t visible but there are floating music notes that denote movement. Motion doesn’t always have to be seen. In this case the music is moving him. The lines used especially on the notes and the man’s face seems unchained by what’s perfect. It looks as if the music is coming from him.
This painting is very straightforward. There is a man singing and playing the lute. While one hand strums his other hand moves along the fret of the lute. The form of his lips show the movement of singing and his head is slightly tilted back as if trying to hit a certain note. Not too different than guitarists today he is “feeling” the music.
This black and white photo taken by Gjon Mili uses value is order to show a musician playing a snare drum. The motion captured in this photograph shows how fast the drummer is playing. It looks like he has more than two hands and his face is slightly blurry from his movement.
This photograph shows a group of people dancing and playing what looks to be tambourines. The image captures their positions with arms in upward and outward motions. They have a sense of joy about them stemming from the music and dancing. The color of the exposure gives a vintage feeling to the photo.
This last work of art is a statue of a figure playing the flute. The fingers are placed across the holes of the flute to simulate playing. The placement of the figures feet also shows that it may be dancing as well. The left leg is at a slight angle while the right leg and foot cross over the front of the left.
Credits: All media
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