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"Every age projects its own image in its arts"                                                                                                                    From 1850 to 1880, realism was the dominant artistic style. Realism focused on the events and people that were during this time. Peasants working on farms, and basically just the everyday lives of people. However, in these paintings people were portrayed on the "not-so-cute" side. Gritty pictures were also common, which seems to bring texture to the picture.

"What did the Lawyer say to the other lawyer?" "We're both lawyers!" This pictures shows two men that are lawyers, hence the title (and the really funny joke ;]). Anyways, the grittiness in this picture is visible. The picture just isn't really smooth, which gives the grittiness its texture. Also, the people in this picture are not the cutest. This painting show imperfection basically everywhere, to the faces of the men to the wrinkles of the paper.
The person walking on the snowy road appears to have reached a dead end, or just a really big tree. However, like the previous picture, the grittiness is visible. This painting could show a real-life event but, I am not sure who would walk this path.
This painting is very somber and the colors are very dull. There also seems to be like a fog over the entire picture. Anyways, it is clear that this painting shows a woman helping a children walk up the stairs- a real life event. There isn't really any emotion present here, as the faces of the people are blurred out and not visible.
Sitting next to a cute dog is cool, but sitting next to a cute dog with no clothes on while sitting outside is.. peculiar. Now, i'm not sure if this was a common thing that happened during this period, but I know this wouldn't happen now. Anyways, from the side view the woman's face isn't the cutest. The painting is gritty, but not as much as others.
The object to the very left is unclear, but it appears to be a book on a easel.. something that an amateur might do. Even though the faces of the men aren't really detailed, all the men seem to be looking at it like they have no idea what it is. The only color in this painting in the chair in the middle, the focus point perhaps.
This man looks like he has just woken up from a nap, and that he was woken up by someone.. The look on his face is practically the death glare. Being woken up from a nap is not fun. But this picture could be a real event, and is definitely a real person.
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