Floating in France

This gallery consists of paintings of Impressionist French landscapes painted by Claude Monet, with a focus on the trees created. Although some of the images contain houses, people, buildings, and other objects, I want you all to pay more attention to the scenery and the design role the trees play in each painting and the way they were made.

Plum Trees in Blossom depicts several homes or a village below a earth tone colored hilltop, below a light blue and white colored sky, but the trees seem to be a part of its focal point, or focus. The plum trees seen here seem static and it's leaves are white and are ready to bloom. The whiteness of the trees makes them stand out in the picture and harmonize with the whole painting.
In "Walk (Road of the Farm Saint Simeon)", what is seen here is a dirt road leading to farm homes that can be seen to the left of the painting. Contrast is seen between the beige colored dirt road and dark green colored trees above. The trees shown on each side shows us asymmetrical balance to make the viewer feel as if they are being led down the dirt road. The way the trees are placed on both sides of the painting and the contrast of their dark leaves with the white and blue sky and the light colored ground makes the scene complete.
In "Train in the Countryside" we see earth tone colors, primarily green make up this painting. Trees are its focus and there are people enjoying the outdoors and a train blowing smoke in the background. The contrast from the dark green trees and the light green ground is visibly strong in this image.
In Snow at Argenteuil, we see a snowy backstreet with houses to the left and a few houses and a church steeple down the center below a clear blue sky. The trees on each side gives this painting asymmetric balance. The color on the trees almost matches the color of the houses to the left. Also the shaded grass has almost the same tone as the trees which brings this image together, or gives it unity.
Summer by Claude Monet shows a woman sitting in a field of grass with an umbrella and another person in the background standing in white. The trees shown in the back are dynamic, swaying in the background, and have more leaves, while the trees in the front are static, and less fuller than the ones in the back. The trees are one of the main focal points of the picture and make the picture whole because of their movement and their composition.
The painting St. Germain l'Auxerrois shows people walking around as the church as its background. The trees show no movement but seem highlighted by the sun and multicolored with yellow and two shades of green. Though the focal point is the church, the highlights of light and dark is seen strongly in these trees and the contrast of their shadows are seen on the ground.
In the "Road toward the Farm Saint-Simeon, Honfleur", two people are seen walking down a snowy road of trees, some full and some dead. This painting shows depth and balance because of the trees that make up most of the detail and the painting are shown on both sides of this image. There is also variety in the trees because some are fuller than others, some are skinnier and wider and they also vary in color.
In "Le Pont d'Argenteuil (El Puente de Argenteuil)" we see trees opening their way across a body of water to a town in Argenteuil,France. The balance of these trees on both sides brings the picture harmony and unity. There is also some movement with the trees in the middle and the trees on the left also have a feathery texture to them. The painting of these trees bring variety to this image because of the different tones, paint strokes, and shapes that they have.
In "Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil (Autumn sur la...)", we see two groups of trees on both side and a river running down the middle with a couple of row boats, stopping at a faintly painted town. The trees are contrasted by warm colors on the left and cool colors to the right. What unites this picture is the symmetrical balance seen with the trees equally on both sides showing their reflection in the water as well uniting this picture to harmony.
In "Bassin d'Argenteuil", this picture is asymmetrically balanced by dark colored trees contrasting the light blue, white clouded sky. To the right is a harbor with boats and a boat shop and to the right are people standing in the shade of the dark green colored trees. The trees here show depth and perspective as it goes down the line with the sky.
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