Color Black

Love the color BLACK, despite what you may feel about this color I believe it can turn something so dull into something so beautiful!

I love this painting for it depict that she is a red head so very well in such a very dark painting.
In this painting the very young boy is just sitting quietly. As if the painter painted him in the dark.
This side view is amazing! As i look at this drawing I wonder, what he is looking at. Makes my mind wonder a bit.
This painting is a amazing! Her wardrobe is so colorful and so bright which makes me feel like her personality is the same.
This is a very precise script painting. You really have to be in tuned with your self to do something like this.
I really like this painting. I figured when i saw it at 1st without reading  the description it was during a war time. The detail seems so real.
I like this painting for it is named "the Black Bottle" and it takes you away from the fact that the rest of the table is so neat but what could possibly be in the black bottle for it to be called that.
The design of this black dress is amazing. The vivid detail of the dress makes it seem very expensive but yet very daring. 
Not sure of how to make this photo out but I was intrigued by it and wonder what the artist really saw.
Funny how this was used to mix with but its so carefully created and design beautifully.The black and gold colors are amazingly depicted.
This is a very peculiar object, but it really looks like a large wave. The carvings are there and yet its pretty scary feeling to wonder how a black wave would like in person.
All portraits are pretty amazing if they are in a museum but this one drew to me for I love the dark to light dark colors in this painting. As if it could have been night time when painting or not.
I just love splatter paintings! They are fun to do and look at like this one.
The black forest is depicted so well into this object. It looks so surreal as if I can walk through the forest myself.
The black robe looks as if it could be his hair. The emotion behind his face is very real and it makes me wonder why he looks sad.
This is very easy to understand. He is sad like a river and it depicted very well here. I love it
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