Georgia O'Keeffe

I like the blue sky with the clouds, they look like theyre moving. i like how the rectangle in the middle is two different colors. it looks like this is in a dessert or on a beach. feels calming
I love the cool colors. It looks like your in the middle of a big wave. At the end of the "tunnel" it looks like there is some kind of land.
This photo looks like something is moving abckwards. the red really makes the "stones" pop. looks like its the middle of to mountains. the greens and blue is good contrast also.
when i first looked at this photo i thought it was to hands. IT is a banana blossoming. i think the drawing is very detailed and has good shading.
i think that the flower really makes the skull pop more. I think it has good shading and the color of the antlers make the whole thing come together because there isn't to much contrast.
i like the flowers added to the cow skull. it has some beauty because usually skulls aren't pretty. the shading is really good in this photo.
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