Love in the time of the            Internet

A visual representation of a love story for the ages

My husband Tony is originally from Puerto Rico, so I wanted to start our story off with the land of his birth. He would enjoy the color palette and technique used in this landscape by Samuel Sanchez.
Tony was born in 1975, and is a nature lover and photographer who has always wanted to visit Antarctica. This photo, taken the year of his birth, reminds me of him and his interests.
When searching for works of art that were "calm", like my husband, this pointillist piece caught my eye, and reminded me of his love of art, and my newly found love of the pointillism technique.
This is where my part of the story begins, in North Carolina. The cotton industry played a big part in the economic growth of my birth state, so I chose this picture to represent that home.
This painting was created in 1981, the year of my birth, and I thought it was fitting for this story because it has the number Two (us) in the title, and reminds me of Tony's architectural interests.
This Jewish noisemaker may seem out of place in this gallery, but I added it here because I am the noisy one in the relationship, and I love the fun quality of this piece.
I added this piece to the gallery because I find it humorous, and it reminds me of the courtship between Tony and I.
This piece is called Transition, and it reminds me of wedding quilts, the transition of getting married, and the blue and white, now well worn, quilt his mother gave us when we first started dating.
This photograph of the Columbia River was taken in the area where we honeymooned two years ago, near Portland, Oregon, and represents my love of vintage photography and our now shared love of Oregon.
The last piece in my gallery, the somewhat heart-shaped A play of infinity 09-09W, is, to me, a blank symbol of our enduring love, and seems to be a sort of "period" at the end of my gallery.
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