Harmonic discord

This gallery is constructed of one artist.This artist is named Douglas Coupland. His art is very abstract in one way but the colors harmonize into a perfect picture. He has many different art styles and uses all the mediums well. The color pallet he uses is nothing less then amazing.

i selected this work of art because i love the abstract shapes but the color pallet is amazing
I 100% LOVE the abstract shapes and colors this artist is by farrrr my most loved
I like how this work of art makes a landscape compared to some other abstract art
all i have to say is barcodes and i dont know why but i find them beautiful
i do not entirely know why this one is here ah yes barcodes
thisone is just here because it is pretty
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i am jut in looooooooove with this
why are these so perfect
i looooooooove it
Credits: All media
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