Girl Meets Girl - Madison Vunk

This gallery showcases works of art of women, painted by women.

"Portrait of a Young Girl with a Blue Ribbon," painted by Louise Abbéma, is a stunning example of a work which celebrates the beauty of young women. Depicted in this piece is a girl wearing old-fashioned clothing and a blue ribbon atop her head. It is painted in muted colors. The girl's blouse and ribbon are matching blue.
"Of the Edge," painted by Mequitta Ahuja, is a depiction of a woman who appears to be melded with nature. In her hair, you will find the universe, water, rocks, and plants. She is surrounded by the beauties of the world, and seems to be moving through with a purpose.
"Lady," which was painted by Georgina de Albuquerque in 1906, presents to the viewer a woman sitting in a chair with her gaze directed at the artist (or the audience). She is wearing a low-cut blue dress, and her hair is pinned up on top of her head.
"Self-Portrait" by Cecilia Beaux is an interesting example of a painting done of a woman, by a woman. The lighting of this self portrait is warm and soft. The work is detailed, and the painting itself shows us a very beautiful woman. This gives the impression of a woman with a clear view of herself, and the self confidence to present it to others.
"L'Ortolan," painted by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, stands out from the other works within this gallery. The color scheme is very dark, and the subject is a woman of color, as opposed to the more commonly found caucasian portrait. The woman depicted appears to be sad or concerned.
"Lady With a Bowl of Violets" by Lilla Cabot Perry is a detailed portrait of a seated woman. This work also features some background work. The artist has taken great care in creating realistic folds in the fabric and shadows across her face. The woman's arms are folded in her lap and there is a bowl of sitting on the shelf above her head.
"Studium portretowe kobiety" by Olga Boznańska is another piece with a darker color scheme. It is more of a challenge to pick up on certain details in the woman's face and clothes. Her body fades into the background, which is dark yellow and blue. Her hair is pinned up, and whether she is holding a hand to her chest or face is unclear.
"On the Terrace" by Berthe Morisot includes some background imagery with the portrait of the woman. Visible in the distance is a hill, and within the water are boats. The woman is seated on a terrace, head facing forward. Morisot's work has a muted color scheme, displayed in a soft green hill and a grayish blue dress.
"Young Girl in a Ball Gown," another work by Berthe Morisot, is similar to "On the Terrace" in its muted colors. The artist has painted with similar blues and greens. The colors and textures of the woman's dress are a repetition of the background, decorated with white and green foliage.
"Portrait of a Young Lady" was painted by Sofonisba Anguissola in 1560. The colors in the portrait are rich and royal. The woman is standing, one arm at her side, and her gaze is intense and directed toward the audience. This is older than the other pieces in this gallery, but the young lady is still depicted in a strong, respectable way.
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