Negative and Positive Space

Patterns are made from everything. Contrast of shadows, repetition of objects and even a combo of lines and shapes. I want to explore the many aspects of pattern making with negative and positive space.

Beautiful example of an organic object that creates negative shapes by its repetition
creating a simple design and adding it throughout the artwork.
Examples of flowery things that could be used to create positive and negative design shapes.
Designs with lines are great way to create patterns.
Repetition of bats at different angles create new shapes both dark and light.
Line and shapes are used to create a wedding portrait
Negative and Positive appearance is very obvious
Abstract view of positive and negative with a perspective feel.
Very simple line repetition to create the negative and positive space
Very direct object scene with a pop art look
Simple line drawing that adds to the repetition of the same twig like objects made to create this artwork.
Obvious pattern placement with cross hatching to create the pattern
Lines connect in various ways to create the negative shapes in this piece
Light and dark coloring add to the shapes made by the negative and positive spaces.
Credits: All media
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