The Ideal Body Image

Eight statues that show the Ideal Body Image from cultures around the world.

by: Jessica Rumick

This statue is a perfect example of the ideal image in Greek culture.This statue shows the ideal body form that the Greeks expected their men/boys to look like. Boys would wear their hair in this fashion the Greeks also wanted thier men to be in top physical form.
This statue is an example of how the Buddhists preceived the image of the Buddha. There is no real depictions of the Buddha all the forms made from the Buddhist perspective.
The Shiva Nataraja statue shows Shiva in the dancing state. This is a well known statue used all over India. The shiva statue has its hand gestures called mudra showing that the Shiva is fearlessness, distruction, and creation.
This Buddha statue created by the Japanese shows the way the Japanese Buddhist preceived the Buddha. He has a rounder head then the other Buddha statue and is also in the standing position.
This David statue is an ideal body form the Greeks also saw as the perfect form. How men saw themselves back at that time. an example of how they should be fit and active looking.
This statue shows the Ideal Body Image in a female form. It shows thicker curves and the hair style of the Greek culture.
The statue in Niche shows an example of the Egyptians Ideal body forms.Unlike the Greek statues this statue is no as propotionate. It does however how show Egyptian fashions.
These statues are from the Adu cultere. The show how the Adu culture precieved their bodys/people. showing fashions that could represent an aspect of their culture.
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