shades of Blue

There are many different ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans in the world. My art gallery is a collection of art showing the beauty of different bodies water.

The subject of the art work is the boats sailing around in a body of water while the sun slowly rises in the background. I picked Sunrise because it shows how sun can add amazing colors to water.
The subject of this work is a small pond with a lot of plant life growing around. I picked Water Lilies by Monet because it is an example of a calm pond with dark blue water.
This looks to be a sun set near a cliff with a look out at the large ocean. I picked this because of the shadows cast down on the water. Monet captured the look perfectly.
This shows 2 beds of flowers floating out onto the ocean. I picked this because this painting tries to capture how large the ocean really is.
This painting shows large tree on an island in the middle of a lake. I picked this painting because of how the water almost perfectly reflects the sky. It is hard to tell them apart
This piece shows a mountain reflected off a lake with the wilderness surrounding it. It really shows the beauty of nature and that is also the reason I picked it.
This piece is looking down at lake with a lot of trees and plants. I picked this one because of the sharp colors. It really sticks out from the rest.
This piece shows a family sitting on a beach. I chose this one because of the colors and how the artist captures the waves crashing down onto the beach.
This shows two women walking along the beach holding onto each other. I chose this one for my gallery because it shows the calm side of the beach when the water is still .
This shows the sunset on the beach. I picked this one because of how calm it is with all the bright colors mixed in with the dark.
Credits: All media
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