My life through art

In this exhibition, My Life About Art, I have chosen eight works of art. The artworks that I have chosen reflect my life, personality, and beliefs. These artworks are significant because they describe my life and I can emotionally relate to these artworks. I definitely believe "art is worth a thousand words" and this exhibition acknowledges my reasoning. 

This work of art shows the movement of serving, which is an action done in tennis. I have played tennis all through out high school and truly enjoyed the sport. This sport showed me the true meaning of teamwork.
This movement shows a person weightlifting. On my spare time I would lift weights because I enjoy weightlifting, it relieves my stress, and it keeps me physically active.
Here is a picture of Jesus Christ. I have included this artwork in this exhibition because it reflects my beliefs.
This portraits shows a women dressed in medical gear.I am also apart of the many students attending Lamar University in hopes of earning their degree in nursing.
This picture describes my family perfectly.We would often get together at the end of the night and sit around the living room doing our own things. In my opinion, family comes first
I believe that abstract art isn't created to be perfect, which describes my life.I wasn't created to be perfect.I often make mistakes and in no means do I regret them because those mistakes help me learn.
My bedroom is important to me because it is where I can freely express myself, break down, and dance shamelessly, What i'm trying to get at is that my bedroom is where I can be me without judgement.
Lastly, here is a picture of all the fairy tales I grew up loving. Such as, Jack and the Beanstalk and Snow White. These fairy tales helped me grow up to look at life as an adventure.
Credits: All media
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