The Blue Beauty of the Sea


I chose this piece because it fits in to both the general theme I strove for- that being the ocean- and the common colour of blue.
I included this work because it depicts a view of the ocean, although the sky dominates most of the piece, which is also blue.
I picked this because although it isn't obvious, it's still named 'Water', it's blue, and the overall composition of the piece makes it seem that the structure within is beneath a body of water.
This piece has a rather muted use of blue along with some green, but it fits in with the theme, considering the picture is a river, and its use of blue nonetheless.
This work was added because it fits into the theme, depicting an ocean's crashing waves and use of blue.
This is here because it falls into the common theme of the colour blue, as well as the water in an ocean.
This work of art is a seascape of some waves, with what is likely a part of a sunset in the background. The blue in the water is very dark and greenish, and they sky is greyish blue.
Although the shade of blue is faded, it's still blue and the image within shows a cliffside overlooking an ocean, with mountain-like structures silhouetted in the distance.
This piece uses brown, blue, and grey to depict crashing waves passing by a child, as the title dictates. This fits the theme with its colour and setting.
This piece belongs here because it's blue, even if a little grey, and it shows that it's a sea.
This work is a coastline showing big, blue waves crashing onto the land.
The blue in this work is dark and leans heavily towards a mix of green, but depicts fishermen in boat, out at sea.
This work shows a cloudy grey blue sky above an equally as dreary sea below it.
This image is here shows rock formations within a sea.
This picture shows a gloomy day above a sea- which also includes blue.
Credits: All media
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