How Color Causes Different Emotions

The use of grays brings out a feeling of dread or sorrow
The use of dull colors brings a feeling of sorrow but it is being hidden
The soft colors bring a sense of calmness
The dull brown colors bring out a feeling of suffering
The dark blues makes the piece feel foreboding
The use of bright reds gives an energetic feel as well as joy
The bright colors against the dark brings a feeling of hope and salvation
The dull colors gives a feeling of misery
The bright red and bright skin color give the feeling of happiness
The blue colors bring the feeling of calmness and serenity in the darkness
The colors used gives a disturbing feeling as well as painful
The bright white brings a feeling of relaxation and purity
The bright yellows on the face and shirt have a feeling happiness but also a subtle feeling of terror
The bright whites surrounded by dark reds brings a feeling sorrow
The dark blues and bright yellows give a feeling of serenity
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