gallagher takuto

i really like this art work because it has an exquisite detail or shadow in the drawing! I like how they made the fish gulping a little fish and continuing the pattern. You can see the people have a really small dingy or a boat, that represents us, And the big fish represents the dream of each individual. So what it means is that each and every one of us have equal chance of achieving a dream. poor or rich, mean or nice, we all have an equal chance. -TAKUTO GALLAGHER
one of the reason i like this art work is not because of the artist but how he executes his artwork with only wavy lines.I like how he portraits the Sun but the city is still very dark. i think the artwork is trying to tell us that darkness can corrupt you
I like this artwork because it uses the technique realism.and in my perspective i see people are gathering to meet jesus
This artwork is very unique because in other artwork, centaurs are portrayed as gentle creatures of the nature. but in this picture it shows a completely different perspective, it shows that centaurs can be the number one predator(if it was real) but it also shows care because one of the centaurs are being eaten and one of them is protecting it!
In my perspective i think this portrait represents that money cannot buy happiness and another feeling i get is that love is very hard to find so he, the young man is losing the quality of life
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