This picture it's trying to get men to come to the war. And the flag represents they are proud to be soldiers.
in this picture they are showing that woman can be soldiers too. so woman feel more comfortable in case they want to join the military.
"Yes! Hitler the best leader!" this propaganda shows how he want to play with other's brain and try to convince them he is the best leader.
In this time soliders needed resources such as water, food, etc so this image tried t0 convinced them to send resources to the military.
It shows how being a farmer can help a lot, also the woman's face that she is proud to be working in a job that was designed just for man.
it invites you to buy wart bonds with a scary picture of American kids scared.
Military needed resources they wanted to prevent people from wasting resources that they might need.
trying to wash people's brain to buy more bonds.
they don't want people waste resources.
They also needed woman for war.
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