Jesus: His life

This gallery displays paintings that shows some of the events that Jesus went through and endured while here on earth. It also shows paintings of some of the events that took place after he descended.

The Sistine Madonna shows mother Mary holding Baby Jesus. They are surround around two people and a countless amount of angels. The scene has Mary coming out of heavan to earth bringing baby Jesus.
The Annunciation shows and angel coming to Mary to tell her the news of her bearing a child. The scene hints at the birth of a baby boy , which if you know the story, Mary could not bear children.
The Crucifixion shows three men being hung on a cross, with citizens below some crying and others not caring. This scene is sugnificant to this gallery because it shows Jesus in the middle getting ready to give up the ghost.
Christ in the Realm of the Dead shows the dead in hell and Jesus coming to save them. This scene is important because after Jesus rose from the dead he went to go tell all of the already dead people about God and if they chose to believe to took them with him to heaven.
In the painting Baptism of Christ, we can see Jesus, angels, and a man. The man is holding something over Jesus head while Jesus hands are in a praying position. This scene is important because it shows when Jesus allowed John the Baptist to baptist him, and when he did the holy spirit accended onto him like a dove.
The Adoration of the Kings shows Mary holding baby Jesus as three men are around admiring the moment. This scene is important because it the three wise men the followed the northern star to get the Jesus.
Christ before Pilate, from the Passion of Christ is an awesome piece of art that shows Jesus getting ready to recieve judgement form the King. This scene is important because it is the moment for Jesus that decided his fate.
The way to Calvary shows some Guards leading Jesus to where he will be getting hung at, while he is carrying his own cross. This scene is important because to show the struggle Jesus endured while making his way to the area he would be left to die at.
The Last Supper show Jesus sitting with his twelve deciples while they prepare to eat. This scence is important in the life of Jesus because it shows the last meal that Jesus shared with his deciples before his crucafiction.
The twelve Year Old Jesus Teaching in the Temple shows a little boy sitting in a chair that is higher than everyone else around , with everyone looking up to him. This scene shows how Jesus was wise at an early age.
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